Back to School Classroom Forms

I’ve been doing some thinking and I believe that teachers fall into one of two categories.

Category 1

Teachers that have been shopping, printing, laminating, and cutting all summer. Mentally decorating their classroom and chomping at the bit to get into the school doors to start getting their classrooms student ready.

classroom forms

Category 2

Teachers that just need a summer do-over. A do-over to continue on the path of peacefulness that only a summer break can provide.

classroom forms

We all know the new school year is coming. Therefore, I have put together some links to a few of my classroom created forms. The best news of all is that they are FREE!  If there is one thing teachers can all agree on it is that FREE resources make us happy!

Free Classroom Management Links and Forms

Nurse Pass

When students need to go to the nurse teachers fill out this pass. 6 passes per page.

Bathroom/ Hall Passes-restroom pass freebie pdf

A boys, girls, and pass are included in this download. 

Student Homework & Behavior Log

Fully editable homework and behavior log. 

Late Homework Notice

Have students with missing assignments and need to send home a reminder to parents? Use this form for parents to be made aware of missing assignments. You can customize your signature.

Homework Absent Sheet

Have several of these copied and ready for when a student is absent. Can be filled out by the teacher or another student. 

Student Work Pass

Useful for when students need to come in and work. The file lets you customize your name.

Teacher Daily Planner

Color or black line planner available. Print out a new one each day or laminate it and use sticky notes in each area.

I hope you all find these forms useful.

classroom organization



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Show and Tell Tuesday- July Edition

show and tell tuesday

show and tell tuesday

show and tell tuesday

Show and Tell Classroom Preparations

show and tell tuesdayshow and tell tuesday

show and tell tuesday

Work, work, work, work, work! That stinking song keeps playing over and over in my head as I work on preparing my room for the upcoming year. My new theme is confetti and candy and I love it! I have also been reorganizing my library, little by little, when my children are at open gym. It is not done yet, but I’ve put a large dent in it.

show and tell tuesday

13th Birthday Celebration

show and tell tuesdayshow and tell tuesday

My baby girl turned 13 (*gasp*) this month. We celebrated by going to The Melting Pot in St. Louis for some fondue fun. She had a blast and said she can’t wait to go again. Of course, her favorite was the chocolate fondue. It was amazing! We finished off the birthday weekend with a family party with comfort food and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

show and tell tuesday

Zoo Trip

show and tell tuesday

The kids and I took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo this month. Many of the animals were out and about. The monkeys put on an entertaining little display in the primate house that we enjoyed too.  We had a blast! Very rarely do we all get to be together anymore with sports schedules. It was some much need and cherished family time. I’m already planning our next day adventure.

show and tell tuesday

Pokemon Go

show and tell tuesday

Pokemon Go has hit our house like a storm. Since we live in a rural area my kids can’t catch these little creatures unless I drive to a neighboring town. (*sigh*) On the bright side, at least the kids don’t complain about running errands in town with me now.


show and tell tuesday

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How to Implement Flexible Seating in the Classroom

flexible seating
flexible seating
Flexible seating is where students are given a choice in what kind of learning space works best for them.

We have been hearing the term ‘flexible seating’ a lot lately. I’ve read where some call it a new fad and say they are not jumping on the alternative seating bandwagon. I am not really sure if flexible seating is a new idea though. I have some pretty fond and vivid memories of my kindergarten days back in 1980. We sat on a huge rug and listened to our teacher read stories and instruct, we could work in different areas of the room, and we had a large cardboard house we would go in and read our books to each other. See…sounds a lot like flexible seating doesn’t it? No wonder I loved my kindergarten experience!

Whether it is a new fad or not, classrooms that have implemented flexible seating have reported some pretty remarkable things. Improved grades,  happier and more engaged students, as well as students having more stimulating conversations are just a few things that have been reported.  ({Fist pump} Sign me up!)

Now you may be asking yourself, “Is flexible seating right for me?”  What we really have to ask ourselves is, “Is it right for my students?”  You have to take a long hard look at your group of kiddos and decide what would be the best type of learning environment for them. Whatever your decision is, be sure it allows your students to work collaboratively, communicate, and engage in critical thinking.

If you are ready to transition to flexible seating then read on to get some tips on how to implement it in your classroom.

How to implement Flexible Seating in your classroom

Before you begin

Make sure you have a discussion with your administrator about implementing flexible seating in your classroom. You will want their support and thumbs-up before you begin.

Classroom Arrangement 

Start by taking a look at your classroom size. Decide on how you will arrange your classroom. Look at Pinterest to get some inspiration. (You can always count on Pinterest for wonderful ideas!) Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  1. Desks- It is good to keep some in the room. Some children have different body styles and are not comfortable working on the floor.  Some students just prefer to work at a desk.
  2. You will want an area or space for whole group instruction.
  3. Where will you store student’s books and materials?
  4. Will your classroom supplies be community supplies?

Flexible Seating Options

What types of options will you offer in your room? Check out the list below to get some ideas. Don’t be limited to only these ideas. Be creative! When it comes to flexible seating ideas the sky’s the limit.

  • other items to add are rugs, lighting, and music


There are many funding options for flexible seating items.

1.Garage sales or resale shops are great places to find some gently used items at a bargain of a price.

2.Dollar Tree, Five Below, and the Target Dollar Spot will often have flexible seating items for only $5.00 or less.

3.If your school has a Parent Teacher Organization you can submit a request for items. PTO organizations are more than happy to support classroom activities and ideas. My PTO purchased my scoop rockers, futon, wiggle cushions, and stability balls.

flexible seatingflexible seatingflexible seating

4. You can ask for donations from your classroom parents. You can do this by sending home a letter or by writing a Donorschoose grant. Get your students excited about the idea and their parents will be more likely to make a donation to your project.


In order for flexible seating to be successful, you will need a strong classroom management plan.

Start with developing an anchor chart with flexible seating expectations and rules with the students. Ask them what they think would be good rules and expectations. Use these ideas, as well as your own, to develop your set of rules. Check out Megan Snable’s free Flexible Teaching Resource here.

A flexible seating student contract is another way to make your students accountable. Teach2Love has a free resource available here that also includes a parent letter as well.

As you roll out your flexible seating you will want to model what it will look like. Revisit your anchor chart every day in the beginning of implementation to give your students the reminder they will need. Make sure you are giving lots of praise for properly used resources. There is a fun brag tag freebie from Talkin Pinata here to reward your students for a job well done.

Enforce your rules. Don’t forget to be firm, be consistent, and be fair. You will have to give your students a chance to prove themselves. Don’t be surprised when they amaze you!

Flexible Seating and Whole Brain Teaching

I use Whole Brain Teaching in my 2nd-grade classroom for my overall classroom management plan. This year I wanted editable posters to be able to have the option to diversify the 5 rules to make them more suitable for flexible seating. I made these posters below that can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Click on the image below to view.

flexible seating

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to implement flexible seating in your classroom!

flexible seating

Disclaimer: this site contains affaliate links.

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It’s Time for July Pinterest Pick 3 Linky

Pinterest Pick 3 July
It’s time for July Pinterest Pick 3 Linky with PAWSitively Teaching, The Inspired Owl, and Just Reed. I simply cannot believe it is July already. Where in the world did the month of June go?  At the end of the month I like to look back and see what all I accomplished.  I then set new goals for the upcoming month. I can always count on Pinterest to give me some motivational  ideas.
My July Pinterest Picks
Pinterest Pick 3 July
One of my goals is to pull out my Silhouette machine and make some of these adorable teacher tees. There are so many cute ones to get inspiration from! I love to wear a comfy tee, cardigan, and jeans on casual Friday… and these tees fit that description.
Pinterest Pick 3 July

Pinterest Pick 3 July
I am having so much fun trying out new apps this summer. If you have time check out Nutshell. It lets you snap 3 photos then add captions and graphics to your images. Then you create a mini-movie of your 3 images. Best of all…it is FREE!

Pinterest Pick 3 July

I’ve been working on my classroom little by little each weekday. My two oldest children have basketball open gym each day (one in the am and one in the pm) and it is not worth my time and fuel to drive home. Therefore, I stay at school and be productive.

First, I purged my room of unused and unwanted items.

Second, I arranged my classroom for flexible seating. I had some seating options last year but have added to it for the upcoming year. I love looking at other’s adventures in flexible seating on Pinterest. I can get so many wonderful ideas.

I hope you get some motivation and inspiration from my pins and boards. Be sure and check out all the other bloggers taking part in this linky to get ideas from them too.

Pinterest Pick 3 July


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