QR Codes in the Classroom

qr codes in the classroom

Are you wondering what in the world a QR code is? Well,  a QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone or tablet.

First, find an app on your smartphone or tablet that can read QR codes. QR code readers are typically free. This site offers good ones to check out.

Now, find a QR Code generator to make your QR code with. You can find a lot of different options here.

To create the QR code…

  1. Type the text you want the code to link to or copy the URL address you want the code linked to and paste it in the QR Code Generator.
  2. Click Generate.

QR codes in the classroom

  1. Now you can rename the code.  You can download it as a PNG or PDF file .
  2. Now you can insert the code into a document or share or embed the QR code .

QR codes in the classroom

Once you have your QR code you can create, create, create! Read on to get a few ideas on how to use QR codes in the classroom.qr codes in the classroom

Inform parents or students- put a QR codes on a letter to give out even more information. Have a field trip? Put a QR code with a link to the field trip destination’s website. I love this idea from Fun in First with Jodi Southard. The QR code is linked to a recording of her reading the letter to her new students. You can click the image below to read all about how Jodi did it.

QR codes in the classroom

Homework- put QR codes on your homework sheets that has a link to a “how-to” video that can help them solve math problems.

Check work- put QR codes on assignment sheets so that students can self check their work upon completion. I created this literacy center task card assignment and attached a QR code with the answers. Students were able to self check their own work while I worked with another group.

QR codes in the classroom

Student led learning- students work in groups and scan QR codes to determine what task they must work together on and complete.

Audio book– create a QR code that links to an audio book or a YouTube video of a book read aloud.

Digital Restroom Pass- put a QR code on your restroom pass that links to a Google form.  Check out my blog post here to learn more about it.

To create the QR code….

  1. Preview the Restroom Pass Google Form by clicking the eye icon in the top right corner.
  2. Copy the URL address and paste it in the QR Code Generator. Generate the code and save.
  3. Now you can print the code and paste it on anything you choose.  Your students will be able to scan it and it will take them to the Restroom Pass Google Form.

Put it on a restroom pass that hangs from a lanyard or clip.  QR codes in the classroom

Put it on a hand sanitizer bottle and have students put the bottle on their desk while they are out so you have a visual reminder that someone is already out of the room.  QR codes in the classroom


Or simply print a poster with the code and hang in your room.


How do you plan to use QR codes in your classroom this upcoming school year? Share with me in the comments.

Thanks for dropping by!

QR codes in the classroom


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