Sums of 10 Math Game

Math Games- Sums of 10

We have been working on building our conceptual understanding and fact fluency through games. The first game I introduced to my students is called Sums of 10. This game encourages students to explore the number combinations that make a sum of 10.


1 deck of cards

sums of 10 work mat

Before play: remove all the jacks, queens, kings, and jokers. (I do this prior and have the needed cards ready in a zip top bag)

Players: work in pairs, or for a quicker game work in groups of 3 or 4

Play game:

  1. shuffle cards
  2. deal out all cards to players
  3. on each player’s turn lay down a card on the work mat that makes a sum of 10
  4. if you cannot make a sum of 10 match then you lose a turn
  5. game is over when first player gets rid of all their cards

When I introduce a new game to the class I  do so by playing the game against the class under the document camera. After a brief explanation of the rules and some modeling I give the entire class the opportunity to play the game with a partner. Only after my students are well-versed in playing the game do I put it in my math rotation as a center.

I just love hearing my students discuss strategies and number relationships while they play the game. The class has been playing this game for 2 weeks so now the students will reflect on the game in their math journals about the skills they have practiced and the strategies they used while playing the game.

sums of 10

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