Domain 3- The Heart of What We Do

Recently I attended a Southern Illinois Reading Council spring meeting on Effective Literacy Instruction in Domain 3. I am happy to report that I walked away with some great resources to share with you today.  I have included links to them below.

So much has changed in the educational world since I first started teaching 16 years ago. There was one computer in my classroom, a newly installed dry erase board to cover up my old chalkboard, and a teacher-centered learning environment. Flash forward to current day and there is a technology rich environment with multiple computers, a Smartboard, iPads, and a student-centered learning environment.

In the 21st century student-centered learning environment I am giving my students the keys.  My students must work collaboratively and exchange information, think critically, and have active, inquiry based learning. I am embracing this change and loving student-centered learning! How about you?

Check out some of my literacy instruction strategies and resources I use in Room #7 by clicking the images below.

domain 3

domain 3

Domain 3 Tools and Strategies Links 

Formative assessments (a virtual binder full of ways to collect evidence of student learning) –Formative Assessment

Brain Breaks (I promise your students will LOVE this!) –GoNoodle

iPads in the classroom (app suggestions too)-iPads in the Classroom

Writing (broken down by grade level, visitors can find grade level specific tools and resources that relate to text types)- Illinois Writing Matters

Math (math blog that incorporates math, literacy and technology)-Creative Math in Middle School


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