Quotation Marks & Macaroni

Who would have thought to learn quotations marks could be so much fun with a little macaroni and glue? Now it’s no secret that I absolutely love to use food in the classroom whenever I can. Who am I kidding… the kids enjoy it too! Since today was a gloomy and rainy day in Hometown Happy Illinois we were in need of something to brighten our day.  So what did we do? We pulled out the macaroni noodles.  (I keep the noodles stored in my classroom in a re-purposed Folgers can protecting them from small rodents.) Next, each student grabbed a bottle of glue and a handful of noodles and got down to work. The students used the noodles as quotation marks and glued them in the correct place within each sentence. It was a simple, effective, and engaging activity my students enjoyed.

Be sure to grab yourself a quotation macaroni FREEBIE below. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your macaroni quotation mark adventure.

quotation marks

quotation marks

quotation mark

quotation macaroni


Macaroni Grammar-TPT

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