Responding to Literature

spring breakYippee! Only one more day until spring break and I am definitely looking forward to a week filled with much-needed family time. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mother Nature will provide Southern Illinois with some sunshine for outdoor fun too. However, you never know what she will deal you. It is not uncommon to wear flip-flops one day and have it snow the next. She is a little unpredictable…kind of like my second graders!

Since Easter is only a few days away we filled our classroom learning with spring literacy activities.  I used Jan Brett’s book, The Easter Egg because I love her beautiful illustrations and the message of selflessness the book has.

responding to literature

As we read and re-read this book we focused on story elements. We used this graphic organizer as a visual tool to write about the story elements. You can grab it for FREE by clicking on the image below.

responding to literature

For one of our re-reads we wanted to explore story elements in an interactive way so we used these responding to literature retelling sticks. You can check them out by clicking the image below. They were super easy to make. I laminated them (because I am addicted to my personal laminator) and hot glued them to craft sticks.

responding to literature

responding to literatureI found there are different ways to utilize them in the classroom. Sometimes we pass the bucket around and I let students pull out any stick they want to discuss. (We often start the year off doing this so that students get comfortable with talking in front of  their peers and build self-confidence.) Sometimes I hold the bucket backward (so the students can’t see the words) and have students blindly pull out a retelling stick. Both methods provide a versatile way to orally review a story’s elements.

carpe carrie

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