I Was Born in a Small Town

small town

I was born in a small town

and I teach in that same small town.

small town

Okay… so that is not quite how John Cougar Mellencamp’s song goes but that is how I sing it in my head.  Shortly after college the road of life led me back to the same small rural Illinois town I was born, raised, and educated in. I was a fresh-out-of-college-grad and put my application in at quite a few schools.  Imagine my surprise when I was hired in my hometown district. This tiny town is the inspiration for my blog…Hometown Happy Teacher. This is where my story begins and why chapters are still being written.

A small glimpse at a few of Hometown Happy Teacher’s chapters…

  • My grade school has only two hallways and the high school across the street…one hallway!
small town
Me- in high school!
  • My 2nd grade classroom is my childhood 3rd grade classroom.
  • My window to the world each and every day is a peaceful view of agriculture.
small town
(this is taken through a screen-hence the blur)
  • My 1st grade teacher became my colleague, mentor, and friend 15 years later.
  • I still pull out some vintage Spartan wear every now and again. Once a Spartan… always a Spartan!small town
  • I have taught 2 of my own 3 children. (Child #3 will be in 2nd grade this upcoming year!)
  • When I was in elementary school I didn’t enjoy reading or literature at all. Now I love to read! My master’s degree even has an endorsement in reading. My goal is make every child that comes through my door a reader.
  • My small town has a strong sense of community.  They take pride in their strong relationships and shared values. When members of our community are ill, in mourning, struggling, or afflicted then each one chips in and helps out in every way possible.
    small town
    Showing support for our school nurse.

    small town
    One of own will not fight alone.
small town
Students paying their respects to our town fire chief during his funeral processional.

My story continues. I have so many more chapters to write in my happy hometown and this pleases me beyond measure.

small town







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