Celebrating Success in Reflex Math

Celebrating Success

in Reflex Math

What’s Reflex Math?

Reflex math is an awesome web-based activity that builds math fact fluency.  Kids are able to gain fluency by learning “fact families,” in which they focus on a set of facts for a group of numbers.

If you have never used it I urge you to check it out. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial. Keep your eye out for the Reflex Educator Grant Program that opens up from time to time too.

Reflex Math

My students were super excited to learn that we had been accepted into the Reflex Educator Grant Program. That’s right, we get to use it for 1 whole year for FREE! I have never seen my students more motivated to practice their math facts.

How do we find the time?

The program is most beneficial if each student uses the program for up to 3 times per week for approximately 15-20 minutes. I have a technology station as one of my guided math rotations so my students are able to get their time in fairly easily. They can also access the program at home.

Celebrating Success

As my students achieve new milestones I award them Reflex Math brag tags and a bead on a ball chain necklace. I made some of the brag tags and also bought some from You Know You Wanna PICKETT on Teachers Pay Teachers.

celebrating reflex math

We display our achievements on our Success Wall outside our classroom in the hallway. I take each student’s picture and attach it to a tag with benchmarks listed. I then have my students sign their name on the posters I found over at Paige in Primary. Each time they achieve a milestone I place a sticker on it on the benchmarks listed under their picture. Each student is so proud to show off their accomplishments!

celebrating reflex math

You can print out our own success benchmark tag here to keep track of your student’s milestones.

Reflex Math benchmarks PDF

reflex math

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